Send MIDI info to external synth via USB interface?

Please forgive what might be a bit of a newbie question, but how do I send the MIDI info from my file to my synth using SCAMP? I am using a USB MIDI interface, but have not been able to get rtmidi working (network issues have stopped it from downloading properly).

Any help would be much appreciated!

You mean you have a MIDI file and you just want to send it to a synth? If so, that’s more of a routing thing; maybe just use a DAW

Sorry; bad wording on my part, I shouldn’t say “MIDI”. Rather is there a way to send the notes as they run in Thonny to a synth, without rtmidi?

After doing some looking around on these forums, I saw it suggested that using a DAW as a go-between (i.e. sending musical data from Thonny to DAW, and then outputting as MIDI) was the way to go.

So you’re having trouble installing python-rtmidi? There have been issues lately with that package. You could try this command-line instruction, which has been working for some people:

pip install git+

Go to Tools->Open System shell in Thonny, and type that command. It installs a (hopefully) fixed version of python-rtmidi.

Another option is to export to midi file this way:

…and then load that in a DAW.


I entered the post “Newbie looking to implement rtmidi” a few days ago and found this post. I tried the command that was suggested, but I received this error message:

Any suggestions?

Gotta install git! Forgot about that.