SCAMP 0.9.1 release notes / Patreon

Hi everyone!

I recently released SCAMP 0.9.1, which adds a couple features, including…


People have been requesting it for a while, and I finally got it done. You can now export to a midi file using Performance.export_to_midi_file. For example:

from scamp import *
import random

s = Session()
piano = s.new_part("piano")

while s.beat() < 10:
    piano.play_note(random.randint(40, 80), random.uniform(0.5, 0.9), 0.125)


The other main added feature, requested by someone from my workshop over the summer, is that you can now perform note filters on individual parts within a performance, as well as the performance as a whole. So for example, if perf is a performance, the following will move every note up by an octave:

perf.apply_pitch_filter(lambda p: p+ 12)

While the following will only move the first part/instrument’s notes up by an octave:[0].apply_pitch_filter(lambda p: p+ 12)

If this is of interest to you, check out apply_volume_filter and apply_note_filter as well. (The latter is quite powerful, since it lets you change anything about a note that has been transcribed.)

Lastly a request: developing SCAMP takes an enormous amount of time and energy. (Adding MIDI export, for example, was not simple, since SCAMP’s ability to do pitch bends and microtonal music requires some serious midi channel management.) If you are in a place to do so, it would mean so much to me for you to join my Patreon:

Not only does it help support my efforts on SCAMP, but it also comes with some fun extras, like the MIDI file for my recent viral video sensation, The Rhythm of The Primes #some2 - YouTube.

Your support would be particularly meaningful right now, since I’m just starting out the Patreon, and am going to make a push over the next few weeks. By joining now, you would be helping to create a critical mass, convincing others to join as well.

Thanks everyone!