Wave to the SCAMPsters

Hi, everyone. I’m new to SCAMP, Python, and programming. A week ago, I read about SCAMP, and I’m excited to learn it.

Thanks, Marc – not only for creating and updating this incredible tool but also for your wonderful YT tutorials and support.

Marc recommended this forum, and I’m sure I’ll lean on some of you experts as I climb my way up the steep SCAMP/Python ladder.

I’ve signed up for Marc’s Kadenze course, and joined his Patreon.

Please consider joining Marc’s Patreon – let’s support all his hard work so that SCAMP continues to develop.

Thanks in advance to all of you for questions that I’m sure to post :smiley_cat:


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Well I’m definitely going to heart a post that tells people to join my patreon! :slight_smile: