Updating Lilypond to macOS Catalina

I was using Scamp with Lilypond with High Sierra OK. When I updated to Catalina I needed to update Lilypond. Following the instructions on the Lilypond site I ended up with a folder holding binaries not a nice app that I could just drop into my applications folder like last time. Can anyone explain what I am meant to do with this folder so that it will work with Scamp? (I tried putting it into the applications folder but it didn’t work. I didn’t really expect it to.)

Thanks Jonathan

What version of SCAMP are you using? I think I should be able to detect it if you just plop it in the applications folder.

Hi Marc

Thanks for the response. I was using Scamp 0.9.1 post 3. I have now updated to 0.9.2. Unfortunately it still doesn’t seem to find Lilypond. I then updated all the other bits and bobs so now I am running

Scamp 0.9.2
python-rtmidi 1.5.5
pynput 1.7.6
scamp_extensions 0.3.3
abjad 3.19

Lilypond is now in The Applications folder. It is in the form of a folder called lilypond-2.24.2

It still didn’t work. After running your test script I get the rising piano sound but then the following errors.

from scamp import test_run
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 2, in
File “/Users/jonathanclark/Library/Python/3.10/lib/python/site-packages/scamp/test_run.py”, line 49, in play
File “/Users/jonathanclark/Library/Python/3.10/lib/python/site-packages/scamp/score.py”, line 652, in show
assert abjad() is not None, “Abjad is required for this operation.”
File “/Users/jonathanclark/Library/Python/3.10/lib/python/site-packages/scamp/_dependencies.py”, line 164, in abjad
raise ImportError(
ImportError: abjad version 3.4 found, but SCAMP is built for versions 3.17-3.18. Run pip3 install abjad==3.18 to upgrade.

Thanks for your help


This should solve it; the newest SCAMP requires a newer version of abjad.

Hi Marc

Yes, I have now got Lilypond to work. Thanks for your help. I’d like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed your YouTube videos “Hearing Pascal’s Triangle”, “The Fibonacci Music Box” and related videos. Very thought provoking


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Thanks so much! At some point, I’m going to put out an explainer video for the pascal’s triangle piece. :slight_smile: