Unwanted CC messages sent when creating new_midi_part


I have some scamp code that I want to use to send MIDI CC messages to an external device.

I notice that whenever I create a midi instrument using new_midi_part() it sends some CC messages to the device. Specifically, this code:

import scamp

s = scamp.Session()
ins = s.new_midi_part("sines", 9, num_channels=1)

Causes the following messages to be received on the external device (all on Channel 1, or channel 0 in Scamp-speak):

CC value
101 0
100 0
6 2
100 127

I would prefer that this not happen. It has some side effects and changes settings on the external device.
I did not see any parameters to new_midi_part() that look like they would suppress this behavior. Is this a bug?

This is with scamp 0.9.2. and Python 3.10.2 (arm build, on MacOS 13.4, M1 chip).

This happens with a couple of different external devices. it is not specific to one.

Is there a way to turn off this behavior, short of modifying the Scamp source code?