This Saturday! Seminar on Algorithmic Rhythmic processes in Python!

Hi all,

Just to let you know that I’m teaching a seminar this Saturday on Algorithmic Rhythmic approaches in Python/SCAMP. I plan to cover things like:

  • Xenakis’ sieves, implemented using generator functions
  • Clarence Barlow’s ridiculously named rhythmic theories
  • Euclidean rhythms

Hope some of you can make it!


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Hi Marc, Thanks for sharing. I can not attend but I wish you good luck and a lot of fun. I saw your video on chatgtp music creation and found it very amusing, since as I tried to get music out of it, it would rebell with a sentence like " I am only a chat program…" etc. Kind regards from Germany.

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Thanks! Yeah, it seems like sometimes you have to trick it into showing its full capabilities.

I got it to write me a script to extract note / duration tuplets from a JSON file that I’d converted online from a MIDI file. It took about 3 seconds to come up with that. Sheesh!

Ps will you be recording the seminar Marc?

Yes, I do plan to record it!