Theremin effect

How can I get an instrument to play smoothly between different pitch values? So for instance, if the pitch values were [60, 67, 65, 72], to have the instrument smoothly slide up and down between these values?

Hi, Chris. I’m a beginner at SCAMP and Python, but I took your question as a challenge. This is what I came up with. I haven’t posted any scripts here, so let me know if this works.

I’m sure there’s a much better (faster, cleaner, more efficient) way to do this, or even perhaps SCAMP has something built in. But for a hack, this works :rofl: I’m sure that Marc or some of the experts here can chime in. Anyway, run this and let me know.

Glissando between notes (David).py (2.4 KB)

Try just putting the list of values in as the pitch of a single note. It’ll do a glissando sliding between the different notes!

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Thanks, Marc. This works great…and MUCH easier than what I came up with! :rofl:

I’ve done that a couple of times - written code to solve a problem that I later discovered Marc had already solved. Learned a lot by doing it though!