Specific Noteheads

I was wondering if it would be possible to use specific noteheads in the note properties argument beyond the default ones that are available. I am using finale, and the noteheads are labeled with unicode values. For example, there is a square white notehead with the unicode value U+EOB8 and a square black notehead with the value U+EOB9. Is there some way to reference this in SCAMP? Thank you for any insight!

Hey Logan!

So, at least in musescore, “la” and “open la” give you closed and open rectangles. Square doesn’t seem to work though, even though that is in the musicXML standard.

That said, looking at the musicxml standard it seems like there might be a SMuFL attribute that can specify arbitrary glyphs. Looks like it might be worth looking into implementing! (No guarantees that finale implements it well though)

Thank you very much!