Sound levels adjustment

How do you globally adjust the sound levels of each instrument?

There’s not really a way of doing that. You just make the numbers smaller for that instrument. But maybe there should be. Would other people find that useful, I wonder?

I understand, but tell me…
After the notes column, the values in the second column correspond to the midi velocity, right? Or is it pure volume?
Because soundfonts are often set to modify the sound according to the midi velocity, to simulate acoustic instruments.

If so, by modifying the values in this column, I am not only modifying the volume, but also the timbre of the instrument.

Yeah, that’s a good point. The volume argument does correspond to MIDI velocity, although it’s adjustable (at least globally, in the playback settings) how that relationship works. I found fluidsynth played too quietly for low volumes, so I made it use generally larger velocity values than the numbers would indicate.

From what you’re pointing out, I see that it might be good to make it possible to adjust the relationship between volume and velocity on a per-instrument basis.

Yes, I think that would be a good idea :slight_smile: