Saving wav file on Mac does nto work

Hello I am trying to save a wav file on Mac/M2/Sonoma but it is does not seem to be working.

With the code:

from scamp import *
playback_settings.recording_file_path = “test.wav”
s = Session()
from scamp import test_run

I get a warning that playback_settings (ad Session) is not defined, and then a bunch of errors and the script does not execute. The code:

from scamp import *
s = Session()
from scamp import test_run

Gets the warning “Session is not defined”, but the script works fine.

thank you in advance for the help.

PS Apparently even if I import * I need to specify import test_run to execute the test run

Can you post the full text of the errors you get?

Here is a screen shot

And now when I comment out the playback_settings I get a different error, but the test run works fine.

Ah, okay! The second error is actually just a warning. I think SCAMP works fine with abjad 3.19, so you can ignore it.

But the real issue your having is that you need to install the numpy library in order for the recording process to work. Install it the same way you installed scamp, and it should work!