Rhythm Experiment (script to share)

Hi, everyone.

After my first week of learning SCAMP and Python, I’d like to share my first piece. I challenged myself to make a script that creates random rhythms from notes & rests yet in an organized way.

I’ve added lots of comments at the top explaining what I did, and many inline comments.

I’d love any input you have.

Best to you all.
David Collett

RhythmExperiment_DavidCollett.py (12.2 KB)

I like those drum patterns!
Curiously the result can be played reasonably well as a loop…
One small thing, I had to change the path of the wav file to:

# To save the output to a .wav file
path_to_file = './'
file_name = 'RhythmExperiment'

Also you may remove lines 69 to 82 as the instruments are instantiated later in the code.