Repost with .py attached of my first show and tell scamp piece (3.9 KB)
Hello All
I am just reposting this because in my previous post, the code had lost lost all the indentations when I copied and pasted it here. There should a .py attached to this post. So sorry for that and thanks for reading this

So I am using what I learnt from Marc’s youtube video. Thanks very much Marc for all your effort and tutorials. I am half way on the tempo tutorial having completed the playing notes and forking

so this piece places but with some errors. I have simplified it down from an earlier version.

I have used 3 instruments- cello, organ and brass
I have used changing tempo plus when an instrument actually plays so there is a polyphonic feel even though each instrument is reading from the same pitch and duration list
I have also used envelopes for some expressivity- sometimes the cello sounds a bit choppy (depending on what the random choices come up with…
I have also tried to create some kind of form with a start( solo) , middle(tutti), then an end with a solo again and a last long sounding note by all

any constructive criticism and feedback welcome- :slight_smile:
here is the code