PyCarnatic is ready (almost ;-)

Thanks for your support. PyCarnatic package works fine with your support on soundfont, forking.
Able to play full notation both on instruments and rhythm. Sounds exactly same as JRaaga (had to adjust the octave calculations to match the notes of instruments in the soundfont).

Will soon upload the demo in sound cloud. After pythonize my code, will also upload it as package to my github
Thanks a million for your support - Marc
–Sundar With Regards

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Happy to hear it, and excited to see the result!

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Here it is. (Just uploaded one minute clip though notation would go on for 6 minutes.

To me it sounds the same as my JRaaga. Only volume is down. But I think in JRaaga also it was the case in the beginning. But I remember adding extra volume midi messages.
I also tried gliding (not in this clip) - works far better than JRaaga (where you hear stepwise jump).
Next I have to figure out how to implement oscillation of notes
For example: If my notation has
S R~ G M~
R and M should oscillate around their frequencies.

Ah this is great!

There is a way to do note oscillation by passing an Envelope or list object to the pitch of a play_note call. But I think that it should be improved in certain ways, and I may be inspired a bit by your work to make those improvements. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Playing with generating envelopes with my “~” notation.
Currently experimenting only with Envelope.from_levels. With my own function generating the pitch list in increments say for example: to oscilate around note 65, i generate pitches from 64 to 66 in steps of 0.1 or 0.2 etc. Sounds good. But I notice finer the step - the duration of the note also increases
Anyway - I have to check with some vocalists whether the generated sounds right.
BTW - I have uploaded my PyCarnatic 0.6.0 to my gitshub