Offering SCAMP Group lessons

Hi everyone!

I’ve had some interest in group lessons in SCAMP / algorithmic composition, and thought it would be good to send out a call and see who might be interested. These would be more regular, and less planned than the seminars that I do, probably in groups of 3 to 5.

There are a few different versions of group lessons I can imagine:

  1. A programming-focused group for people who are less confident in their Python skills, and want to keep learning after taking one of my workshops/Kadenze course.
  2. A composition-focused group for people who feel fairly confident in Python/SCAMP and are more interested in exploring the musical/compositional strategies.
  3. A tour of the scamp_extensions package, in which we go through all of the extra tools that I’ve built on top of scamp, and delve into the main functionality of scamp as needed.

If you’re interested in group lessons like this, get in touch! And let me know which of the following kinds of groups you’d be interested in joining.

By the way, I’m also doing my usual workshop at Stanford this summer, and will be doing some more of the seminars in the future, in case that is of interest to any of you too!

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