Monthly meetup?

Hi all, I’ve been thinking it might be nice to set up some sort of monthly scampsters video chat. Many of you I have met (and would love an excuse to chat with!) and others I have not (and would love an excuse to meet!), but it seems to me that we have a really great community of people here. I’d also just love to hear about what you all are using SCAMP for and talk about directions we might take it!

Anyway, just an idea — let me know if this is of interest to any of you!


Love that idea!

This would possibly allow for some SCAMP-adjacent topics, e.g. tools that allow collaboration over long-distance. Or not. There’s enough in SCAMP itself to keep discussions lively.

Sure — totally fine wherever the conversation leads!

I love this idea, too! Hope that we can do this soon.

Hi all — I kind of lost track of this because I was in the process of moving this summer and it took over my life. But I was thinking maybe we could give a virtual meetup a shot now, maybe on Saturday September 4th? Does that day work for people, and if so what time of day?

Hi all,

We’re planning a zoom scampster meetup at 10:30am Pacific time on Saturday, September 18th. Hope some of you can make it. If you’re interested in joining, shoot me a message or email and I’ll send you the link!


Anyone interested in joining the zoom meeting in 20 minutes can join through: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Are these scamp meetups still happening?