List of pieces done with SCAMP

Hello everyone,

I like SCAMP very much to do sessions and record them to musicxml. Later I import the musicxml in musescore.

I would like to share some pieces I have done this way:

“Transformation to Barnumber 14”:

The score can be found here:

You can see (score) and hear how each instruments transforms to barnumber 14.

“Bass Scamp Bass Python”
An experiment in Percussion and Bass:

“Another one for FW21”



I am happy to share some work I have been doing in my spare time, which is the sonification of paintings:



Nice – I like the Mona Lisa one particularly; it’s more clear somehow how the picture is mapping to the music.

It seems like a lot of these examples have used a very limited whole-tone pitch set. Is that a conscious choice?

To answer your question:

I use functions such as ab(a+b) mod 12 and insert natural numbers for 1<= a,b <= 19 for example to generate the notes. So it depends on the function which notes are generated.

The rhythm is generated by binary trees. It works good, but I would later try out euclidean rhythms how this works.

I guess it is easier for me to point to the playlist of algorithmic music created with scamp:

I am happy to release my first algorithmic composition album:

The parts where there are input parameters to be chosen for the algorithm are done with scamp.

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