Lilypond: command not found error

I have installed abjad, Lilypond. I am using virtualenv in PyCharm. When I want to show/create the pdf with Lilypond it says: “lilypond: command not found”… Lilypond is in PATH and when I run “lilypond” in Powershell or in the PyCharm terminal it shows the help command of lilypond. Only scamp or abjad is not recognizing the installation… I am using Windows 10

My error message:

WARNING:root:python-rtmidi was not found; streaming midi input / output will not be available.
WARNING:root:pynput was not found; mouse and keyboard input will not be available.
Using preset Piano Merlin for piano
fluidsynth: error: no MIDI in devices found
Der Befehl "lilypond" ist entweder falsch geschrieben oder konnte nicht gefunden werden. [FROM GERMAN TO ENGLISH: The command "lilypond" is either misspelled or could not be found.]

Process finished with exit code 0

My code looks like this:

from scamp import *

pitch = 1

s = Session()

piano = s.new_part("piano")


i = 0
while i < 2:
    piano.play_note(pitch, 1, 0.05)
    if pitch < 127:
        pitch += 1
        pitch = 0
        i += 1

performance = s.stop_transcribing()

Are you using the most recent SCAMP?

Try running:

from scamp import engraving_settings

What do you get?

It prints out C:\Program Files\Lilypond\lilypond-2.24.1\bin, which is also in PATH

Hmm… strange. SCAMP is finding LilyPond, and since it’s in PATH it shouldn’t even need to.

It must be an issue with Abjad, but I have no idea how to fix that.

In the meantime, you know that you can do show_xml or export_to_xml to get notation, right?

Yes, but then I have install a music script viewer. :confused: . But still thanks for your time…

Hi I had this problem on Windows and was able to get it to work by putting the specific path to lilypond in the Abjad conf file
Abjad config file was in my user dir as per (Configuration — Abjad 3.17 documentation)
Then found the lilypond_path setting and specified it like:

# Lilypond executable path. Set to override dynamic lookup.
lilypond_path = "C:\Program Files (x86)\lilypond-2.24.1\bin\lilypond.exe"

Hope this helps!

Brilliant, thanks for chiming in!