Judgements turn into music

Transforming a French administrative court judgement into a musical score and playing it in real time… that’s what Sound of Case-law Law Data Workshop - Sound of case-law does, with more than 100,000 judgements from the Council of State and the Administrative Courts of Appeal available (judgements as of 2018).

The programme reads the judgement and transforms the paragraphs of text into suites of notes. Each legal field, e.g. ‘Environment’, ‘Social’, ‘Town Planning’, etc., is associated with a set of 6 instruments.
For more details, see the “How it works” section for information on composition.

You can view the score corresponding to the judgement and save it if you are a fan of a particular judgement (not on mobile).

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This such an unexpected use case of SCAMP!

Really! Can you tell us more about how you came to compose this?

Well, I work on legal databases and developed some analysis based on NLP techniques … the interesting thing with legal texts (judgments) is that it proposes texts with explicit logic. So for instance classification tools such as transformers work nicely to identify patterns.
For composition, I built on this previous work as I am also highly interested in music, Scamp makes it very easy to use the output of the NLP work.