Intermediate/advanced SCAMP workshop + Kadenze course!

Hi all,

Hope you are having a good holiday season! I just wanted to let you know that I’m teaching another virtual SCAMP workshop in late January - early March:

This workshop is intended to be an intermediate/advanced workshop in Python and SCAMP, either for people who have taken one of my courses or workshops before or for people with some background in coding. I hope to see some of you there!

Also, if you know anyone interested in getting into coding, Python, or composing with computers, please pass along (or gift?!?!?) my Kadenze course:

Seriously, though, anything you all can do to spread the word about these really means a lot to me. I’ve put an outrageous amount of time into developing SCAMP, and these workshops and courses are the only income stream that comes from it. Plus, the workshops are always so fun, and I think the Kadenze course is a really beginner-friendly way to get into coding!

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Hi all! Just a reminder that this workshop is coming up really soon! If you’re interested, but not sure for whatever reason (time, money, difficulty), I’d love to hear from you.

Hi Marc,

I’m a new comer in Python and Scamp, so I’ve just bought your Kadenze course and will start to study it.

I would be very happy to learn more with your advanced course but I really need to start and go step by step.

I will have a lot of question for future, for example, How to control the intervals between lines in a counterpoint multi lines flux.

I would need also to control VSL Library and send Keyswitches.

And I would like to know if dynamics are now implemented for Lyllipond scores in Scamp ?

Also, is it possible to do live coding with Scamp ?
But , first, I need to start to learn. Now, diving in your Kadenze course !!

All the best and thank you for your awesome work.


I’m interested in the workshop but have only discovered scamp in the last two weeks and am concerned I may not yet be familiar with it enough to really fully benefit from the course.
A couple questions:
i.) Will the sessions be recorded/archived for our future reference? If I were to attend I would likely have to miss at least one of the Saturdays and would be interested in the content I missed.
ii.) At this point, my interest in scamp is primarily to develop interactive ear training exercises (not so much composition). Will there be content relevant to this in the course?

Thank You,

Hi Stephane!

In answer to your questions:

  • Controlling intervals in counterpoint is certainly possible; just depends how you want to create the counterpoint.
  • Sending key switches via MIDI is possible, though it requires a little bit of wrapper code. (See this thread: MIDI instrument for typical orchestral samplers, keyswitches, etc - #3 by MikeMos)
  • Dynamics are possible, at least in terms of notation. You have to change the playback velocities manually.
  • Live coding: people have experimented with it, and it kind of works! But it’s not really by design.


Hi mudbone!

I do plan on recording the sessions. There’s actually already one person who is going to be taking it after the fact. As for your goal of creating ear training exercises, I don’t know if there’s going to be content specifically relevant to this, although I expect that you would find a lot of it at least tangentially related. Might depend on the kind of exercises you’re creating!