How to sync scamp with external MIDI/OSC clock?

Hi there,

I have been able to write code that can both send and receive MIDI data to external devices.

I am wondering if there is a way to sync Scamp to the clock of another MIDI device (or if not, to sync the external device to Scamp’s clock).

Or if not, to do this with OSC (I don’t really know anything about OSC but my external device in this case is VCV Rack 2 which speaks both OSC and MIDI).


I don’t know if this answers your question. Do you have the paid version of VCV? If so you can use VCV as a plugin in a DAW, and then control that by sending a midi stream from Scamp direct to the Midi to CV module in VCV.

In Windows I use Loopmidi to link Scamp to Ableton. There’s an equivalent for Mac.

Thanks. I have the paid version, and the Host plugin. I am able to send and receive midi between VCV and Scamp. The thing I don’t know how to is sync to a clock in VCV. Or have VCV sync to a clock in Scamp.

I’m sending clock pulses (using the CV-MIDI module in VCV Rack) and using some simple code to print out MIDI messages received in Scamp. It prints out notes that I play but does not print out clock information.