Having MIDI setup problems

windows 11 machine. I’m using Reaper as the DAW. I pretty sure I got it to work with Loopbe1 but can’t recreate it. I just got an Arturia MiniFuse 2 for the audio interface. I run the python code and nothing happens no error message. thanks in advance for any suggestions.

scamp says these are the available midi ports

MIDI Input Devices Available:
[Port 0]: MiniFuse 2 MIDI In 0
[Port 1]: LoopBe Internal MIDI 1
MIDI Output Devices Available:
[Port 0]: Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth 0
[Port 1]: MiniFuse 2 MIDI Out 1
[Port 2]: LoopBe Internal MIDI 2

and this is the python code.

from scamp import *
import random

s = Session(tempo=100)


drums = s.new_midi_part("Reed Organ", "MiniFuse 2 MIDI In", start_channel=1, num_channels=1)
theramin = s.new_midi_part("theramin", "MiniFuse 2 MIDI In", start_channel=2, num_channels=1)
bass = s.new_midi_part("slap bass", "MiniFuse 2 MIDI In", start_channel=3, num_channels=1)

while True:
    drums.play_note(random.randint(36, 45), .7, random.uniform(0.2, 1.3))
    theramin.play_note([80, 78], 0.7, random.uniform(0.2, 1.3))
    bass.play_note(random.randint(36, 45), .7, random.uniform(0.2, 1.3))

I got it to work with loopBe. not sure what I did :upside_down_face:

Hi - I use LoopMidi - you can allocate a different port to different instruments
I use Ableton and this works for me

oops hit send by mistake. This is the code I use ((the instrument name is irrelevant as you can change what instrument is on each track in the DAW)
one = s.new_midi_part(“one”, midi_output_device=“loopMIDI Port1”)
two = s.new_midi_part(“two”, midi_output_device=“loopMIDI Port2”)

then point the ‘midi in’ for each track in your DAW to a different Loop midi port
Alas I don’t know what that would look like in Reaper

Chris, thanks for the reply. I think my problem was I thought I could use the audio interface for midi instead of the virtual midi? thanks again, Nels

You can send midi out of the audio interface, but you can’t send MIDI to the input of the audio interface from your computer. It seems like maybe you’re trying to simulate it as though the MIDI is coming into your audio interface when it’s actually coming from SCAMP? If the midi is just going from Scamp to reaper, it doesn’t really make sense to involve the audio interface, since it’s not going into or out of your computer.

Does that make sense, or did I misunderstand?

no that’s exactly what I thought. It does make sense now. MIDI has been a mystery to me for a long time… :wink: