Google Colab play midi?

Hey Marc! Awesome library and very happy to meet another pythonic musician.

I’m wondering if you’ve considered adding the ability to play midi of the notes / performances in a google colab instance? I saw that music21 was able to pull this off, so maybe you can grab something from however they did it. It would be awesome and I’d definitely play around with the library in a colab format.

See example here:

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Hi, I’m quite new to SCAMP, but I might suggest an answer. An audio driver is mandatory to play sound with SCAMP. I tried to install a driver on Colab, Nextjournal and Deepnote without any success. Moreover, the notebook interface doesn’t seem to be the best option to run SCAMP since SCAMP doesn’t have a stop button yet, and there is currently no way to reboot a session without restarting the kernel (I think).

I could run noteboook sessions with music21, though.