Hi there,

I need scores in .png format, for that reason I wanted to write the score to .ly file, so that I could compile it as .png file.
But when I evaluate:

s = Session()
violin = s.new_part(“Violin”)
pit=[random.randint(55, 79) for i in range(50)]
for pitch in pit:
violin.play_note(pitch, 1, 0.5)
performance = s.stop_transcribing()

I get a lily file like this:

LilyPondFile(comments=[], includes=[], items=[<Block(name=‘header’)>, <Block(name=‘layout’)>, <Block(name=‘paper’)>, <Block(name=‘score’)>], lilypond_language_token=LilyPondLanguageToken(), lilypond_version_token=LilyPondVersionToken(‘2.20.0’))

Is there a problem with export_lilypond method?

Hmm… I’m not able to reproduce the issue. What operating system are you running, and what versions of SCAMP and LilyPond are you using? What’s the output of:

import abjad
import scamp

os x 10.14.6
scamp 0.8.1
abjad 3.2
lilypond 2.22.0

btw, I’m not having any problem with

Thanks for that — I think the issue may be a bug with abjad 3.2. There’s a tendency with each new version of abjad for a few things to get switched around and cause problems, which is why SCAMP targets abjad 3.1 currently.

Try downgrading to abjad 3.1 and see what happens:

pip3 install --upgrade abjad==3.1

well yeah, abjad==3.1 worked.
thanks a lot!