Chord Symbols?

Is there a way to show chord symbols when exporting to a pdf of xml file?


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The work around I came up with is exporting the xml in SCAMP using score.export_music_xml(file_path) and then using the music21 library to open the score using converter.parse(file_path) and using a for loop (for measure in score.recurse(classFilter=(‘Measure’)):slight_smile: and measure by measure adding the chords using the harmony.ChordSymbol class and measure.insert(offsetOrItemOrList=current_beat, itemOrNone=chord_symbol).
This way you can add the chords on the beat you need using the “offsetOrItemOrList” param.
Keep in mind that the ChordSymbol constructor requires the following parameters: harmony.ChordSymbol(root, bass, kind).
You can find more information about the “kind” attribute in the musicxml docs.
Good luck!