Attaching lyrics to notes?

Would it be possible to attach lyrics to notes somehow?
I’d need them in musicxml output specifically.

There’s a way to do text, but not lyrics specifically. See:

My guess is that you want lyrics, though. I can look into it. I don’t think it’s too complicated, but not sure when I’ll have time to add it.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I’m really interested in attaching lyrics indeed. The last time I checked, I think I saw that music21 supports it, but it has some drawbacks (mainly related to the fact that it is made more for analysis than for generation of scores) which make me prefer scamp if possible.

I’ve managed to add some support in scamp/pymusicxml myself for now by adding a NoteProperties property “lyric”; only output in musicxml for now (abjad not touched), and only for Notes and Chords (haven’t looked at GraceNote or GraceChord). This covers my needs for now, but an official implementation will still be welcome :slight_smile: (I can also share my changes if someone would be interested - they are fairly limited)